“The five ways for brands to have consumer connect Post Covid”

Situational facts:

Corona has drastically transformed the lifestyle.  Everyone is now attuned to culture of working from home …schooling from home…. buying from home.

Home has now emerged as the ultimate destination to reach the consumers as they are less likely to step out of home often.

Deriving anticipated results from on ground activations will be a real challenge with stringent norms of social distancing coupled with fear psychology.

Communication Objectives

To ensure continued presence of brand at home .

To generate communication that will induce buying instincts.

Probable media vehicles to reach the Target Audience at home

1.    Social Media :

The masses in general are getting attuned to remain connected thorough social mediums like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp. These channels offer great potential to keep the brand visible through creative digital posts and adopting spot on SEM strategies


2.    E commerce :

To be present on E commerce sites with promotional material all the time is essential as this activity will be same like Point of sale  branding activity like in-shop branding. Because whether it is buying necessities or non- essentials there is increasing preference to buy online.


3.    Website :


There is escalating trend to browse the website to search and compare the desired product. That necessitates brands to focus on increasing traffic to Website. Effective SEO techniques  with interest generating blogging facilitates building more  traffic to the website organically


4.    OTT platform :

 Consumers are  now more exposed to OTT platforms which is reflected in their  ever increasing viewership . There are different advertising options available on OTT platforms. Depending on budget the brands can choose option most suitable for them


Television :

Undoubtedly this is the medium with maximum penetration and will be apt if budget permits. When the brands are on shoe string budgets they can still explore advertising through regional TV channels or through some cost effective advertising elements.


          Communication….the key differentiator

Communication has to be spot on. It needs to attract consumer attention and grow their interest to get engaged in campaign and of course ultimately get them provoked to buy the product or service.


Creating content that appeals the consumer is the real challenge. Brand needs agency that they can depend 100% for creative thinking.


Agency needs to be alert and look for opportunities to connect with consumers. There are few standard communication planks like

a.    Product USP

b.     Leveraging on Situational conditions

c.     Festivities

d.    Problem Solving

e.    Facilitating the consumer about product operations

f.     Comparative Posts

g.    Channel/Team Connect

h.    Blogs


However, the impact of communication absolutely depends on creative quotient of the campaign