How to make your company’s advertising effective?




“Good advertising is a dialog with people”  – Lee Claw



Advertising adds excitement and creativity. Advertising is one of the most important parts of promotion. To reach and maximize the effectiveness, every company should try and develop a deep know-how of their market, their aim should be to make their companies more market-driven. Effective advertising helps the company to reach their potential customer and inform them about the products/services of their company. 



Ideally, the advertisement of your product/service should be clear and consistent, it should be a reflection of the distinctive positioning statement of your business.


‘Advertising must be Credible, Unique and Memorable in order to work.’ 


Creative thinking and advertising go hand in hand. Creative advertising is helpful because it is more long lasting, uses less number of resources as well as builds a community faster. A good advertisement will effectively target the right customers and market the benefits that your business has to offer. For long term benefits, every advertisement should preferably be concise and coherent because it resonates with your target audience. A good advertisement provides the end user information quickly and is quite short and crisp. It is easily recalled and does not confuse or overwhelm the viewer. It also helps to feature the various products/services of the company.



‘A good ad should make you think, laugh, talk about it, or at least make you look twice.’



Advertising is a very powerful tool to raise brand awareness, launch new products and communicate with your target audience. 


Be Simple 

It is very difficult for people to remember any difficult message, hence try and keep a simpler headline. Every other element you add should support the headline, whether that message is ‘price’, ‘selection’, ‘quality’ or any other concept.



Stand Out 

People come across various advertisements all the time. The question lies, ‘What makes your product/service different from others?’ Or ‘Why should people choose your product/service?’ Every advertisement must have an Unique Selling Proposition.  The proposition must be strong enough to reach out to the masses, i.e., it should attract new clients as well as potential clients. It should also be unique either in the brand or in any claim, which the rest of its competition does not offer.



 Be credible

The quality and the value of your product/service should be the “best”, it will create a weightage to your advertisement and also increase your business. Your advertisement should be reliable and trustworthy. Identifying and diminishing any competition should be avoided, this might distract the clients and backfire on you by making the clients more loyal to competitive products/services. Essentially, your product/service must be as feasible as possible. 

Whether it’s advertisement , brochure design , leaflet design or digital design you should always over-deliver when it comes to your clients, it creates a rapport and helps the client to have their best experience. If you deliver more than they expect, then you do not have to worry about anyone being disappointed. It creates a win-win situation. 

Hence, effective advertising is a need of the hour and it helps to create a campaign which is worth-while