How to choose the right location to book the exhibition stall?


When Exhibition organizer approaches you to book the stall space and puts forth an exhibition floor plan with hundreds of stalls locations to choose from there is always a chance to get confused.


It’s absolutely important that you book the right location for your stall.

Here are some pointers you should consider while booking the stall.

First and foremost the earlier you go for booking the stall better is the choice of stall locations available for you.

Most of the B to B exhibitions are industry specific and organisers as well as every participating exhibitor promote it aggressively to solicit maximum visitor flow. Hence exhibitions always extend an unique platform to reach your target audience at single location. You can consult your exhibition stall fabricator to know more about exhibitions happening across your areas of interest. 


Make a list of exhibitions you intend participating, get the exhibition floor plan and explore the location. Ideally you should initiate this activity 6-12 month in advance.

Once you have the exhibition floor plan involve stall designer if possible in selecting the location

Check out the direction of Visitor Flow

Locate the Registration counter & entry point and you will be able to ascertain the direction of visitor flow. 


Your first preference should be stall locations that are facing the visitor flow. Such visitor flow facing stalls enable exhibition stand builders to take advantage of location Opt for stalls with maximum open sides


More open the stall from all sides more will be the OTS (opportunity to see).

The chronology of selection of stall location based on no of sides open begins from 4 side open stall (island stall) to 3 side open stall to 2 side open stall to single side open stall. 


However, if you have too many products for display and that too wall mountable than better to have stalls with more walls.

More no of open sides also lead to lesser fabricated walls and hence probably lowers cost of Exhibition stand.

If possible check out exhibitors in neighboring stalls

The market leader or company who have higher brand pull if positioned as a neighbor is always likely to enhance probability of view ability of your stall. It is also advisable to look for competitors stall and stalls booked by exhibitors offering synergetic product & services.


Look out for stall availability on Right side of entry point

It is largely believed that natural tendency of human is to turn to right from entry point so if choice available book location on right side segment of floor plan from entry point.

Check out for venue pillars

Ensure that no venue pillars are obstructing the view of stand. Although pillars in stalls should be avoided but many a times pillars offers greater branding opportunity.


Many organisers permit branding at higher than the standard permissible heights. Branding at a height is likely to be noticed by visitors even from distance walking towards exhibition stall.


Check out stalls with Natural dead wall towards back walls. There is always restriction on backwall height if the backwalls are shared with adjoining stalls but many a times organizer relaxes the height restrictions of back wall if it is against natural dead wall.

Locate the crowd gathering points

Stalls on path or near crowd gathering points like conference halls, refreshment areas also pose as a better option.

Employ services of experts in exhibition stall designing & fabricator To get an ideal location is not possible every time.


The experienced exhibition stalls designer plugs- in weaker links of location with attention grabbing design elements so that exhibition stall stands out.